Why I Became Vegan… Adopting a Plant Based Diet

Whilst living in Australia I happened upon the documentary What the Health on Netflix.

After watching it, there and then I decided to give up on meat and ween off the consumption of all meat products.

The documentary covers the studies done in favour for a whole plant based diet making significant references to scientific research and reports, and presenting some case studies of individuals who reversed their ailments after adopting a plant based diet.

I mentioned this documentary to my Mum. Somehow, by accident she ended up watching ‘Earthlings‘ instead.

For anyone who has seen both… you know just how devastating the latter one is by comparison.

She mentioned this one to me so I go on YouTube to watch the trailer. It took me all of a minute to start balling at the sight of tortured animals living in barbaric condition.

That once and for all reinforced my decision to give up eating meat.

Not gonna lie. Since then, about 2 years ago, I’ve relapsed a couple of time. Some of the times by accident when attending an event and food being mislabelled. Some of the times intentionally when travelling to different countries and there were limited options.

My reasons however for choosing a 99.9% meat free lifestyle are five fold:

  1. Ethical – all meat is obtained through cruelty, death, destruction and suffering. There is no humane way to kill an innocent living being.
  2. Health – meat has been found linked to causing cancer and many other diseases and illnesses.
  3. Environmental – the agriculture industry is one of the biggest consumers of energy and a major contributor of environmental destruction and greenhouse gas emissions (cows fart a whole lotta methane). Not to mention the amount of fresh water (>70%) used in the world goes to animal agriculture instead of people who only have access to dirty water.
  4. Human Rights – we grow enough crop to eliminate world hunger, yet 90% crop goes to feeding livestock.
  5. Energy – suffering and tortured animals will harbour significant trauma, pain and negative energy in their bodies. I do not wish for that low frequency and negative energy to enter my body on a constant basis.

These are just some high level notes. If you want to become informed on the topic, start with watching the following three documentaries (trailers linked):

  1. Earthlings at nationearth.com
  2. What the Health on Netflix
  3. Cowspiracy on Netflix


Veganism is something I have become more and more passionate about over the past few years.

Before watching these documentaries I was completely oblivious and ignorant to how animals were treated on mass scale and how meat ended up on my plate.

To be honest, it was never something I gave a second thought to.

That may sound stupid, but really… when we are detached from the actual crime scene, never having to witness the slaughterhouse ordeal firsthand, it is easy to forget about the suffering happening to others when it does not directly affect you (even though eventually it does with the destruction of spirit, health and environmental wellbeing).

It is no wonder how entitled we become in developed countries where we are safely far away from the pain and suffering of our fellow humans in war torn or dictator lead countries.

My sentiment is this: We are all sentient beings on this beautiful planet. Humans happen to be “in charge” right now. So we are privileged and blessed with looking after it… So let’s look after it!

If the above reasons aren’t enough…. The meat industry feeds capitalism, specifically making the top 0.000001% rich richer. They get richer because they own large agricultural businesses and the big Pharma which is responsible for making a whole bunch of unnatural drugs to give you once you develop a disease from eating their meat.

The Bible declares we have dominion over all the beings on this planet, and that God created all trees, fruit, herbs and so on for consumption.



{Just thought I’d through in a religious reference there!}

My views aren’t that everyone needs to be vegan. There are people living in the coldest parts of Russia who can eat raw meat… they have evolved to do so in order to survive. But if one hunts and kills with reverence, just as a lion might, it is a far more ethical way of living.

Going to the supermarket to buy meat chop packed in plastic that came from animals specifically reared to produce meat who lived in confinement and suffering… well that it completely different. It does not compare.

I am not oblivious to the controversy around the argument for being vegan. There are people who will defend to their deaths their decision to live as meat-consumers regardless of how readily available the information is that exposes the risks and detriment of this industry on the health and well-being of the world as a whole.

Everyone is entitled to live as they wish, but we must act responsibly and live as ethically and consciously as we can.

Intentional cruelty toward anyone (human or animal) whether it be emotional, mental, or physical, for ones own convenience is something that bothers me deeply. My choices and mindset are now more aligned with my own personal values.

We are in the age of free information and there is no longer an excuse for ignorance.

Perhaps it’s time for everyone to question their own values.

Thanks for reading.

What are your thoughts on veganism? Please share in the comments below.

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