Top 5 Vegan/ Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne, Australia

Having converted to a largely plant based diet living in Melbourne, I of course became far more familiar with the different options available to someone with a more refined palette.

Here are my top 5 vegan/ vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne:

1. Sister of Soul, St.Kilda $$$ Vegetarian & Vegan Only

This little gem, located on the corner of Acland St and Shakespeare Grove, serves ONLY Vegetarian and Vegan friendly food.

With a welcoming light and airy vibe the restaurant/cafe stretches long through to the back where you will find the buzzing kitchen. Sister of Soul offers a variety of internationally themed vegetarian and vegan dishes.

My favourite meal to have here is brunch (obviously). From the Snickers Smoothie Bowl to the Middle Eastern Roasted Pumpkin, this cafe has wonderful variety of breakfast options! My personal favourites are Sister’s Sister’s One Big Breakfast and the Let Them Eat… French Toast!

The French toast in particular, consists of a vegan brioche, with all its condiments including a creamy vegan pistachio and fig gelato, saffron poached pear, blueberry lemon curd, fresh strawberries, maple syrup, and a delectable sprinkling of non-honeycomb. Delish!


Perfect For: Brunch gatherings & the beach.

2. Dehli Rocks, Melbourne CBD $ Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Located on the Little India strip King’s Road in the CBD has a variety of unassuming low budget Indian and southeast Asian restaurants. The interior is nothing to speak about… mostly mismatched chairs with basic school desk like tables. But the food… about as authentic as it gets in the city.  If you are on a budget, you can grab a meal of three curries + unlimited roti for just $10. Bargain.

There is a specials dish almost every day. My favourite is Makki Ki Roti & Sarso Ka Saag which is served on a Monday. Not to everyone’s taste, especially not commonly seen for non-native North Indians, this dish was one of my Grandmothers specialities. I hadn’t had it since she passed away a few years ago and it tastes almost identical! For sure someone’s Grandma is cooking it in the back!

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 10.36.02.png

They will soon be opening another branch on Swanston Street which is more centrally located in the CBD. Definitely a positive money move for their business! Also the perfect place to visit at any hour of any day being a 24hour restaurant!

Perfect for: On-a-budget & Any time of day.

3. Mama Rumaan, Docklands $$$ Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

This Middle Eastern delight is located on the dock front where in the summer you can get a nice view of the water, boats, and city skyline. I recall having some deep and meaningful discussions at this place and would always take my friends and family here.

Though this is not a strictly vegetarian restaurant, they do have a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. My favourite dishes are the Okra (lady fingers) with rice and cabbage rolls. Unfortunately they have since swapped out the okra with a moussaka type dish with aubergine (eggplant) but I much preferred the okra which is something I don’t usually prepare at home.

Perfect for: A romantic evening meal.

4. Matcha Mylkbar, St.Kilda $$$ Vegan Only

This breakfast joint is one of the first solely vegan cafes I’d been to in Melbourne. It did not disappoint! They have an array of lattes including the regular coffee types, but also the turmeric, spiced beetroot, blue algae latte types! This snapshot from their current menu tells all.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 10.25.25.png

They even have an option called ‘Flight’ offering 4 mini lattes of the barista’s choice! No doubt this is a way to use the waste generated from other drink options, but ingenious for the indecisive amongst us.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 10.27.37.png

They offer 100% plant based burgers, smashed toasts, vegan bowls, scrambled “eggs” and more for the main meal. And smoothies, juices and elixirs.

The full menu is available to see here. We love how much fun they have with it!


They even quote Einstein:

Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival of life on Earth, as much as the evolution to a plant based diet”

Amen to that!

Perfect for: Fun brunch + the beach!

5. Twenty-Pho-Seven, Melbourne CBD $$ Vegan Friendly

A small Vietnamese spot in the city that is also open almost 24/7 (in case the name didn’t give it away). They close for 1-2hour periods at off peak times, I guess to restock and meal prep.

They specialise in pho and have a great vegan option for just $12.90. You can get a small bowl or a large. Note the small bowl is pretty large and I could barely finish it even on an empty stomach.

They also serve a variety of. bubble teas with design it yourself and adult friendly alcohol shot options :).

Perfect for: Quick nourishing food

This list is far from complete, but these restaurants were the first to come to mind because they became my most frequented joints for being unique, convenient, romantic, fun, and easy (respectively) so I think that speaks for it self.


Enjoy! 😀





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